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Monday, 14 November 2016

[Article] 161114 "They deserve to be loved by ARMY"... Kim Youngchul X BTS's friendly photo

Celebrity Kim Youngchul revealed the photo he took with group BTS.

On 14th, Kim Youngchul revealed the photo he took with BTS on his Instagram when he emceed their fan meeting at Gocheok Dome. 

He wrote, "You guys are very innocent, kind and hardworking! You deserved to be loved by ARMYs! I also had a wonderful weekend thanks to you guys!" and continued, "Your blood, sweat and tears will not betray you! Today I played the song on "Kim Youngchul's Power FM"! ARMYs, I hope you guys listen to my radio show!". He did play their song "Blood, sweat & Tears" on his radio show "Kim Youngchul's PowerFM".

The revealed photo captured Kim Youngchul with BTS members.

Meanwhile, Kim Youngchul's Power FM broadcasts every day at 7am.

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Response +107

1. Kim Youngchul, you're a very hardworking person too.. I always support you! Thank you ♡ +68 -0

2. Thank you for being kind to our boys~♡ Youngchul-nim, fighting! +57 -0

3. This is really heartwarming~! +49 -0

4. I really couldn't stop laughing when Mr. Kim Youngchul appeared on the stage ㅋㅋ thank you for being a wonderful and funny MC and I hope Mr. Kim Youngchul to succeed. +44 -0

5. You worked hard too thank you ❤ +44 -0

6. Thank you for your hard work. You worked hard for the last 2 days. +16 -0

7. Thank you for being kind to our boys and you worked hard too~~ ^^ +15 -0

8. Thank you very much~~ I hope you will continue to take good care of BTS!! ^^ +15 -0

9. I did hear Blood Sweat & Tears on the radio this morning ㅎㅎ +15 -0

10. Super Power Youngchul hyungnim, you were so funny ㅠ0ㅠ Although you might have felt nervous, you took great care of BTS and ARMYs. I was really happy. +14 -0

[PANN] 161113 I'm really jealous of ARMYs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

First of all, their company made an official Youtube channel for the fans to watch their idol play and they also upload videos of them at music shows and concerts. They also have an official shopping site to buy BTS goods or albums. And was it yesterday? they also organized fan meeting for their fans (Chimmungie's so adorable) and they also announced they're going to sue the haters. Also, their albums are so well made
But most of all, BTS interacts with their fans a lot and I can tell their fans are BTS's no.1 priority. I've never seen an idol going down on stage at music shows to say hi to their fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and whenever they win the first place Rap Mon goes "ARMY~!" and I stalk BTS's twitter sometimes and they upload photos which fans like and even when some stupid problems break out, they comfort their fans. I'm verrrrrrrry jealous. Hyunsuk said he's give my idol a new album in 2 years but it's been 10 months now and I'm not hearing any updates... f*** why are you making him sick ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

ARMYs, please boast about your artist. My ears are open

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Response +489 -45

1. ...they are wonderful people. I'm so glad to be their fan +130 -2
Thank you for being a fan to me and us. I am your fan too. I am the silent fan who supports you through your loneliness and struggles in your life. Behind the stage, or in the work room, I write my fan letter to you with the musical notes. And I hope you read those notes which express how I miss you.

2. There's too many so I don't know where I should start but I'm sure about this. They're different. Their teamwork? that's just amazing and the energy they create together as 7 members just make us all happy. I realized this again yesterday... I should Bangtan the rest of my life +128 -3

3. After going to Gocheok Dome, I realized that they're ARMYs too. I can't express all the feelings I felt but the emotions were beyond my imagination. Seriously I understood they're amazing people and that they have great personality and character. Seriously I can't express it in words. +126 -4
ㄴ I said they're like ARMYs because they really understand us very well.

4. You know how you sometimes feel like there's a great wall between the artist and fans or that feeling "I spent so much money to attend their concert... wth am I doing seriously?" after attending concerts... but with BTS you'll never feel that way. I mean, you could but the boys comfort us so we won't feel that way. They always tell us "We're not someone that's unreachable. We're entirely one. We will protect the lights in your eyes" during their last ment. So I've never regretted attending their concerts until now. +49 -0

5. But trolls drag them a lot so it's very hard for us, yet we really feel like our idol is holding our hands... ARMYs really depend on each other too. +41 -0

6. 1. Bighit respects their artist. This makes it possible for BTS to present us with good music always~ 2. The members don't get jealous and they do their best in their position. A leader does his best as their leader, same goes to eldest hyung, maknae line, vocal line, dance line, etc. As a fan, this is really great and I feel proud. 3. BTS is ARMY's fanclub. They are cool people who always tell us that they're our fan and they respect their fans. 4. Bighit doesn't treat them like they're their business product. When members are sick, they cancel their schedule and sends them to the hospital for check-ups. Prices for their album and goods are average but if you consider the quality and quantity, I think they might be making losses. 5. Because they're BTS! 6. They are 7 talented and handsome men with great personalities. They are like a family and their bond is amazing. Just watching them heals me. ㅎㅎ +40 -0

[PANN] 161114 Jung Hoseok in real

According to ARMYs, his eyes are very twinkling, has very high nose bridge and his face shape is very narrow... I even searched on Fantalk to learn how good looking he is... well, I think I get a general idea but I wish I could see him with my eyes....
(I couldn't find the photo during "FIRE" rehearsal which showed his perfect body proportion... anyway please leave the photos that look very close to his real life face ㅜ)

[Article] 161114 BTS's successful global fan meeting at Gocheok... 38,000 fans went wild

Group BTS's fan meetings with global fans were successful.

From 12th to 13th, BTS held their global official fanclub ARMY 3rd fan meeting "BTS 3rd MUSTER [ARMY.ZIP+]" at Gocheok Dome in Seoul and met with 38,000 fans from around the world.

Comedian Kim Youngchul was the MC of the events and BTS was able to talk about the things they couldn't tell their fans during the fan meeting and they continued to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

Also, they prepared sketch video "House of ARMY", team race game "BANGTAN RUN" and other corners which captured the hearts of fans around the world with BTS's own unique, cheerful and friendly charms.

BTS performed special unit stages for the fans who came to see them at Gocheok Dome. Rap Monster and Jungkook passionately sang to "I Know" which was revealed on their 3rd anniversary, Jimin transformed into a rapper and performed "Tony Montana" (track from Suga's mixtape Agust D) with Suga. Lastly, Jin, J Hope and V presented the audience by forming "Bangtan Children Scouts" and performed hit songs in children's songs remix version.

Besides the above stages, BTS performed "Blood Sweat & Tears", "FIRE", "DOPE" and many other hit songs and intensified the atmosphere. Their 38,000 fans who filled Gocheok Dome moved the members by singing along to all their songs.

BTS expressed, "We're very touched to be at Gocheok Dome with our fans. Thank you for being our strong and reliable support during our hard times. Meeting you all is my greatest happiness. We will work harder to present you with better songs and better performances to repay your love.". The fans could feel the sincerity of BTS. 

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Response +45

1. Their fan meeting was 3 hours and 30 mins long (shivers) I thought I was at their concert. Generous Boy Scoutsㅠㅠ they looked at each fan in the eyes and this touched me ㅠㅠ thank you for creating an unforgettable memory! BTS ♡ +46 -0

2. We will become ARMYs who will lead you from the front and not ARMYs who push you guys in the imaginary universe! Love you BTS +39 -0

3. I really cried and laughed a lot the past 2 days ㅠㅠ I was touched and I could never express these feelings in words. You guys worked hard! +37 -0

4. You guys really sparkled in that large venue. I will never forget how you looked each of us in the eye and I really enjoyed your stages. I'll look forward to the year-end performances! I support you. +35 -0

5. Guys thanks for being our HYYH. We will always support and care about you. +33 -0