Tuesday, 15 November 2016

[Instiz] 161115 Atrocities acts comitted by security service (New Partner) at BTS's fan meeting

On November 12th and 13th, BTS held their 3rd fan meeting event

The fan meeting event was held at Gocheok Dome and they (New Partner - Security Service) prohibited the fans from doing giveaways and they even tore their goods. 

A fan who was doing a giveaway herself asked politely why they weren't allowing and the guards told her, "you, come here" like some gangsters and reacted as if they'd hit her in any moment. 

That's not all, when the artist (BTS) showed aegyo and shared jokes, the guards unhesitatingly mocked and belittled the artist by saying things like "what are they doing at such age?" and the guards also smoked around the fans 
And they also went to the extent of mocking their parents, "I feel sorry for their parents for having such children like them.".

Also, they blocked the view of many fans by reading cue sheets in front of the stage where the artist (BTS) came forward during their ending ment so the fans couldn't see the members.

[PANN] 161115 There's something we need to prepare for

셀키 포인트 (Celki Point) X 서가대 (Seoul Music Awards) coins

Currently, Celki is Sports Seoul's official app~
For the official voting up of 26th Seoul Gayo Daesang Awards which will begin at the end of November, you can collect points on Celki and convert them to 서가대 (Seoul Gayo Daesang) coins!

so~ how can you collect Celki points?

1. Participate the random draw event every day! 
2. Collect cash in the charging station and convert them to coins! (t/n: downloading/running selected apps)
3. We will be adding more ways to collect points soon! (ex. events, writing posts, comments, referral program, etc)

You can get more points by writing referral
The random draw screen will appear when you close and re-run the app! NOTE: Do not convert your points with 축하권 (this is used to wish celebrities' birthdays) You have to collect points before we can actually start voting like aaa!

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(download the app "셀키" (Celki))

You can register using your facebook, twitter, kakaotalk, etc
After registering you'll see 2 messages (I can't remember what they were;;; but I  just clicked No (아니요) for the first one and Yes (예) for the second one))

Click on the menu tap you see on the top left corner and you'll see "포인트" - you can collect points by downloading and running those apps

If not, close the app and run it again and you'll see the random point draw screen, tap on any card you like and you'll be awarded!

You can collect points every day by clicking one random square/card. There's no "try again" from 1~ 1000 points!

Let's start collecting the points so we could use them to vote for our boys!

The points you collect using this app can be converted to vote BTS for awards like 서가대 Bonsang, etc.

[PANN] 161114 Wow but BTS Suga is...

I never knew Suga was such great rapper. He looks very gentle but I was surprised after listening to his rap. His clear diction and I could hear every word...
I began to look for videos and I watch a video of him singing and...ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ anyway he's a great rapper. I'm so close from joining the fandom ㅠㅠ 
so... can you guys give me photos of Suga..!!!

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[PANN] 161113 BTS Fan meeting Gocheok Dome condition

The photos above are before they cleaned the venue and the following photos are after ARMYs cleaned the area

[PANN] 161114 MAMA Research Chonggong!

MAMA Research Chonggong!

Every day until 2016 December 1st
When you are on your way to work, school, way home from work or from school.
8:30PM to 1 AM (for 30 mins) [KST]

Music sites: Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Genie
Portal sites: Naver, Daum, Nate

On music sites search "방탄소년단"
connect using Chrome Secret Mode (or Puffin)
After searching "방탄소년단" on Portal sites, click on any article and wait for 2~3 minutes and close the tab. [repeat]

*Please continue to search them whenever you have time, not only during CHONGGONG TIME
Please search "방탄소년단" when BTS recommends songs on Twitter

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This site makes it easy http://fearlessness.cn/ 

And remember to vote on MAMA